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Fraase Excavating, Inc.

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Dirt Work to Improve Your Property

Count on Fraase Excavating, Inc. in New Berlin, Illinois, for all of your excavation and bulldozing needs. From general grading projects to big excavations, we bring the experience, knowledge, and tools necessary to do the job right. Our late-model, efficient equipment allows us to be highly productive and get the work done on time. We work on:

• Parabolic Waterways
• Drainage Ditches
• Surface Drainage
• Field Tile
• Dry Dams
• Stream Bank Stabilization
• Demolition
• Site Preparation
• General Grading

Pipe in Trench Excavating Machines Pipe Water Lowering Pipe


Rebuild and restore your pond or lake by having us remove debris, brush, and sediment. Depending on the project, this may require draining and cleaning out the pond or lake. It may also be necessary to install new overflow tubes and dams to reduce sedimentation or to completely rebuild.

Tree & Brush Removal

Enhance the curb appeal of your property with our brush and tree removal service. We offer removal of unwanted trees and brush for either site preparation or farm maintenance, and we can also maintain fence rows around fields and clean up overgrown areas.

Pond Dredging


Our grading work ensures that you'll have a solid foundation for parking lots and large driveway projects. We also offer site preparation for warehouses, gas stations, and farm buildings, as well as all types of riprap work and placement for erosion control of a site.

Lowering Pipe Large Concrete Pipe